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Online Sexologist

Sexologyconsultant.com is an initiative started by www.mediangels.com, to assist answer sexual wellness related problems virtually, using technology.

What is Sexology/Sexual health?

Sexual health refers to a state of mental, physical and social well-being with respect to sexuality. This includes a positively respectful approach to sexual relationships & sexuality, and the probable chance of having pleasurable as well as safe sexual experiences, free of discrimination, enforcement and of course violence. When it comes to sexual health, different sections are to be thought of and understood in the most appropriate manner if one’s aim is to be on the positive side of sexual health. Important aspects of sexual health include – sexual practices, sexual safety, and communication between partners. These areas are extremely important should be well understood. Another principal component of sexual health is sexual practice. You should never take for granted, the protective measures for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted sex and unwanted pregnancy. Many people are not completely aware about the facts when it comes to sex. Some individuals have sex and don’t even know what they do. Some of them often mix up safe sex with contraception. Contraception refers to blocking the sperm from its which is the egg whereas safe sex means prevention of sexually transmitted infections. It is a problem that not many people are bothered about their preferences when it comes to sex. Many are unknowingly contracting sexually transmitted infections. Knowing and understanding the distinctness between sexual behaviour, sexual identity and sexual orientation are chief measures to take so as to attain good sexual health.

What are the most common different sexual diseases in men and women?

Men’s Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfuntion/Impotence Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation Premature Ejaculation
Masturbation Masturbate
Diminished Sex Drive Improve Intercourse

Women’s Sexual Health

Dypareunia Dyspareunia
Problems with Orgasm Female Orgasmic Disorder
Body Issues
Unintended Pregnancy Pregnancy

Other Sexual Health

Condoms Condoms
Choosing Birth Control Pill
Safer Sex Safe Sex during pregnancy
Having Sex for the First Time

Sex – A taboo in India and many other parts of the world

At present, there are various countries in the world where sex is considered as a taboo. Why is it that sex is not given the openness and the importance it requires and deserves, in the developing countries? Why have the inhabitants of such countries forgotten the basis lesson of evolution of human race? If a man/ a woman are experiencing any problem related to sexual health, the best thing is to acquire immediate medical help. It does not matter whether the cause is psychological or physical, there are various therapies that can help to provide a solution to that particular problem concerning your sex life. In most of the cases, the management involves both a psychological as well as physical elements which depends on a particular disease suffered by the patient. Thorough assessment of the clinical history, physical and psychological examination helps in making the correct diagnosis. Treatment/ therapy generally consist of two phases: medical treatment to take care of the physical symptoms and psychological therapy to address mental and social factors.

How does seeing patients online help in Sexology?

MediAngels is world’s first Online Hospital. Online help can be given to anyone within the comfort of their home, without having the need to travel (locally, nationally or internationally). This saves a lot of time, cost and effort on the part of the client or patient. Assessments can be done online with ease thereby giving the freedom and option to take the psychometric test and interview whenever and wherever possible. Also, the use of different modalities like chat, instant messenger, email, interactive modules, telephone and video conferencing; has made it possible to reach out to expert therapists from any corner of the world. It would seem that there is no alternative to a face to face interaction with a patient to understand their deep rooted emotional problems and gain a comfort level. However there are definite advantages of seeing patients online as opposed to in person. An online platform can save travel time for the patient, and as soon as the session is done they can go back to their daily routine. Some experts are unavailable in all cities hence online options decrease distances and shrink the world allowing easy access to specialized services. There is still significant stigma associated with seeking help from a sexual health professional and willingness to visit professional services at specified clinics; hence online counselling can sometimes be the solution to such problems. Also, people feel more at ease writing out their problems sometimes instead of speaking them out thus emails, online checklists, act as viable options for people today. So, Come Consult Today, Without Apprehensions or Fear!