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Sleep Emission

Sleep Emissions


Sleep emission is a technical term for an experience of having an erection followed by an involuntary ejaculation during sleep. Commonly known as wet dreams, sleep emissions are fairly common in teenagers and preadolescents. However, sleep emissions can also be experienced by adults.

There are no harmful effects on the health of an individual who is experiencing sleep emissions. In fact, sleep emissions are perfectly normal and healthy. Only the sticky mess created during the process may bring inconvenience and call for one to change his underpants and the bed-sheets.

Many people consider sleep orgasms and sleep emissions as the same thing, which is not true. This is because males can have a sleep orgasm (sexual climax) without the emission of semen (ejaculation).


Once a child hits puberty, which is generally between the ages 10 and 12, hormones start kicking in and he attains the ability to produce semen and hence the ability to ejaculate. This is the period where most males start experiencing sleep emissions. There are two main reasons behind that.

The first is that at this age males are new to these hormonal changes, and the advent of masculinity, and hence are not prepared to control it. Since they don’t actively take care of their sexual tension, or rather the release of the semen produced, the body itself takes care of it in their sleep through ‘wet dreams’.

The second reason behind sleep emission in children is that at this ripe age their now-growing genitals are highly sensitive, and while asleep they can easily have them rubbed against the bed or bed sheets, thereby causing sexual stimulation. When this happens then they can become so aroused that they end up ejaculating and experiencing an orgasm.

In adults also sleep emissions can occur. In most cases it is the result of pent up sexual tension, or not having occasional ejaculation either through a sexual intercourse or masturbation. However, just as in the case of children, sleep emissions pose no health problem whatsoever in men.



It is seen that when a person is under a lot of stress, he may produce more ‘wet dreams’ in comparison to when they are in a relaxed state of mind. Hence, one should try to live a more relaxed and a slow-paced life. Eating natural and light food coupled with regular exercise can dramatically reduce the stress levels and help attain a peace of mind. One can also start spending time with their hobbies or well, develop new ones. Keeping oneself busy with fun filled activities can give an opportunity to relax, which will in turn stop unwanted sleep emissions.

Another way by which one can avoid sleep emissions is avoiding sexual stimuli. We live in such a fast-paced world where information on anything is readily available everywhere- TV, internet, smart-phones, and what not. Media (both paper and electronic) also carry the sexual element, whether in articles, news, blogs, advertisements, or pretty much everywhere. This makes it hard for an individual not be stimulated sexually engaging in the media content. However, by avoiding such images, and written material that might create a sexual response one can greatly reduce the sleep emissions. A good way to go about that would be engaging in other activities, such as sports, music, etc. that are not only more beneficial but also helpful in the elimination of wet dreams.

The main reason behind sleep emissions is unreleased sexual tension. When no discharge of semen is done it keeps on collecting and at some point when it has been accumulated in excess then the body itself takes care of it by released it out during a sleep emission. Hence, one can avoid wet dreams by releasing semen occasionally out of the body either through masturbation or by engaging in healthy sex with a partner.

Home Remedies

Home remedies can also be helpful in getting rid of sleep emissions. Some of these include-

Sage Tea- Sage tea can be readily consumed during nights for the elimination of sleep emissions. Sage tea helps in sleeping and it also relaxes the body. In fact, sage tea has been readily used in treatment of excessive sexual thoughts and consistent wet dreams.

Fenugreek and Honey- Fenugreek and honey combination has been used in Indian and other middle-eastern countries since many decades as a remedy for sleeplessness. The mix can also be used for preventing night emissions.

Gourd Extract- While not considered by the medical community, gourd extract has been found to have certain qualities that help prevent nocturnal emissions. Some people believe that by applying a mixture containing equal parts gourd extract and sesame oil on the scalp one can avoid wet dreams.

Unfortunately, home remedies may not work for everyone, and in that case one can always see a general physician for help.