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Compulsive/ Addictive Sexual Behavior

Computers have become an integral part of our lives and we are becoming increasingly dependent on them. Most of us have our own personal computers without which we cannot practically go on about our daily lives. But too much use of computer is also very harmful. Internet Addictive Disorder is a condition in which the person feels the consistent need to be on the internet or use computer for various other purposes.
Too much of internet activity forces the person to go into shell and create a virtual world away from reality. People surfing from IAD tend to drift away from their routine lives only to spend more and more time indulging in online activity. There is no treatment for this particular condition, except that the person himself has to make a truthful analysis of the situation and practice some self restrain.
The compulsive urge to watch porn is also considered to be a disorder. Till few years ago, accessing porn was not as easy as it is today because of internet. Now pornography comes free of cost and is just a click away. With its easy availability and guaranteed anonymity pornography has sure shot effects on a person’s sex life. People who are addicted to watching porn do it, either to gain sexual pleasure, or to relieve their sexual buildup. If the person who is watching pornography has the discretion to understand that it is created only to cater to fantasies, then pornography is not that harmful. It is important to educate youth and specially adolescents about sex so that they do not try and gather knowledge from unreliable sources like porn.