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Compulsive/Addictive Internet Use

Compulsive/addictive internet use.


Computer is the biggest invention human civilization could have and nowadays you will not find anyone without a personal computer. But using too much of computer is also not very good for you. In case you find that you have more virtual or online friends rather than having real ones or if you see you are unable to resist yourself from playing computer games frequently then you might be suffering from Internet Addictive Disorder or the IAD. IAD could affect you negatively and if you want to know how you could negatively get affected with it then let’s have a look at it.

The Causes.

There are varied ways in which IAD or computer addiction could affect you. Let’s take a look at the following points:

  • The virtual life affects the relations that are real and it happens because people and especially young ones get addicted to sites that offer them pornography. Also at the same time, chances are thst they get addicted to the adult chat room too. There are certain sites that also allow the young people to get involved in a fantasy adult role play and this too can affect the real relationships.
  • Nowadays there are so many social networking sites and online chat sites that at times people forget about the boundary between the online and the real world and give more importance to the former world. Obviously, the real world is again affected because of this reason.
  • There are online auction, gambling and gaming sites and one can very easily get addicted to those sites and once they are, it becomes difficult for them to come out from it. It not only affects the personal life of a person but it also affects the financial life too. The job or career of suvh people also gets affected due to this reason.
  • Too much surfing on websites may provide you with knowledge but the ultimate problem that it causes is that it reduce your capability of productivity. Not only that, it also keeps you away from your family and friends. Thus, your social life, the life with your family and friend is being affected because of this reason.
  • Not only online gambling games, but games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, which are offline games could also cause computer addiction and could become an obsession too. If you are into programming then that could also at the same time cause obsession and addiction.

The Diagnosis

  • Psychological- At times you will find yourself online more often than needed and because of this your work at home and office will suffer. You will find yourself working late at night to finish pending works because you have spent most of your time online. At times you may want to stay late in the office, after every one has left because you will want to be online. At times you will not find any time for people in your family and friend circle, you may even feel that not even your partner understands you the way your online friends does. At times of sorrow or at times of despair if you find yourself online you will know that you are suffering from IAD.
  • Physical- If you feel a certain kind of pain as well as numbness in your wrist and also if you see that your vision is getting strained and dried then you chances are that you are suffering from IAD. If you are having sleepless nights and if you are suffering from headache, and back ache as well as from neck aches then also you should know that you are suffering from IAD.


If you want to cure IAD you do not have to depend on any doctor but on yourself. You will have to find out that what is causing this problem; is it the shy nature of yours or is it the troubles in your life? However, the best way to come out from this problem is to have more and more relations in real life and spend more time with them.