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Birth control or contraception comprise of methods or things used to prevent pregnancy. They are the methods which are utilized for carrying out ‘family planning’. Birth control methods have been employed since ancient times, but it wasn’t until the last century that safe methods of birth control were invented.
There are numerous methods of contraception for both female and males. One of the most popular methods of birth control amongst women is birth control pills or oral contraceptives. These pills are made up of combination of estrogen and progestin or only progestin. Another very popular method of birth control is the use of condoms. The condoms act as a barrier and prevent the semen to enter the vagina thereby preventing the pregnancy. When used properly condoms are almost 99% effective.
These days devices like IUD and vaginal rings are also very popular methods of contraception. IUD is a T-shaped plastic thing which is inserted in the uterus by the qualified medical practitioner. When placed correctly, it is effective for over a decade and rarely has side effects. Another device is a vaginal ring which is a ring made of plastic. When placed in the vagina it releases hormones estrogen and progestin thereby preventing ovulation. It has been proven that, a vaginal ring can be as much as 99% effective and a woman can conceive without any problems once she stops using it. But one thing to be remembered is that these things are meant for contraception and do not prevent the transfer of STDs.