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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence includes all acts of violence against women including sexual and emotional violence along with physical violence. It is also called intimate partner violence because generally it is inflicted upon people who are in a relationship or married by their partner or husband. It can occur in both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. The violence can be either in subtle form or in extreme cases can include marital rape, physical violence that can lead to extreme disfigurement or in some cases even death. Typically a woman is the victim of domestic violence, but a man can also be the victim in some cases. Often one of the victims might become violent in self-defense or in retaliation. Even in this day and age, most of the victims choose not to report the case of domestic violence against in order to protect their reputation or for the sake of the children. It is often observed that the abuser does not have any remorse and feels that his/her acts of violence are justified.
Awareness about domestic violence is something that varies depending on the region and the socio economic status of the people. Even today, victims of domestic abuse from both the economically weaker as well as affluent sections of society are discouraged from reporting episodes of domestic violence due to the stigma associated with it. Along with the victims of the domestic abuse children who become witnesses of the abuse often develop personality disorders.