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Elderly Sexual Health

With an increase in age, a number of physiological and physical changes take place in both men and women. It is commonly believed that only women go through menopause. But that is not true. Men also go through various problems that come with age. Male menopause, mid-life crisis, erectile dysfunction etc. are some of the problems that aging men experience. All these changes which are brought about by age, in men and women alike, cause hormonal upheaval in the body. Due to fluctuation in hormones, changes in sexual desire are experienced.
One of the most common sexual problems is erectile dysfunction.
It is relatively common condition, with around 40% of men experiencing it, where in a man isn’t able to either achieve erection or maintain it during sexual intercourse. Some of the causes could be:-
Alcohol abuse
Use of tobacco or recreational drugs.
Cardiovascular conditions.
Stress and depression.

The risk of erectile dysfunction increases with increasing age. Various diagnostic measures are taken to decide whether the problem is due to physiological or psychological reasons. The treatment of the ED is dependent upon the diagnosis. If the problem is due to substance or alcohol abuse, complete elimination of these things is advised. Lifestyle changes like regular exercise and intake of healthy diet may also improve condition. Oral medication along with topical medication may also be prescribed as the first line of treatment.
In women, menopause can cause fluctuation in hormonal balance leading to change in sexual libido. Menopause can cause feeling of extreme fatigue, vaginal dryness etc which can lead to reduction in desire for intercourse.
Although, in most women a general decrease in libido is observed, the same is not the case with men. While some men, while going through a midlife crisis or male menopause may experience reduced libido, it is normal for men to have sexual desire till the age of 60-65.