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Transsexual and LGBT Sexual Health

People who have different sexual orientation encounter a lot of social and health issues. Almost all homosexuals and transsexuals have to face the society and the stigmas associated with homosexuality. Homosexuals have atypical gender expression wherein the signs of their non conformity with the gender that they are born with are evident. Also, ‘coming out’ and accepting their sexuality in front of the family and society also puts them through immense emotional pressure. Apart from the emotional issues that are encountered by the LGBTs, there are serious sexual risks that they are prone to. There has been a steady rise in the number of gay and bisexual men being affected by syphilis and other STDs.  A very big reason of spread of STDs among LGBT is the lack of use of protection. In most cases, one of the partners is infected and does not know it. Most STDs are spread through, vaginal sex, anal sex and skin to skin contact. The only way to make sure that you do not get infected is to get yourself and your partner tested for possible infections.