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Paraphilia can simply be defined as condition in which is sexually attracted to things which can be considered unusual or extreme. Paraphilia can involve attraction to children, non living objects etc or to behavior which is considered inappropriate like exposing oneself. Paraphila is different from normal dependence on objects. Paraphilics are dependent on objects for sexual gratification. Paraphilics exhibit characteristics which are considered to be completely unusual and socially inappropriate. The most commonly found form of paraphilia is pedophilia. Exhibitionism wherein a person exposes genitals to strangers is also common form of paraphilia. Voyeurism (watching people engaged in private acts) and frotteurism (rubbing genitals against the body of unsuspecting victims) are also considered to be paraphilic acts.
Paraphilia is harmful because the person is dependent to the point of being helplessly addicted.  Treatment for paraphilia involves combination of medication and psychiatric treatment.  Medication which is used lowers the level of testosterone which in turn reduces the sex drive in males.