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We are not only defined by the kind of people we are but by the kind of relationships we have in our lives from the very beginning. At a very early age our personalities are shaped up by our families and as we grow older the intimate relationship we share with our partner moulds us in to the people we eventually become. Having a healthy relationship with your partner requires a lot of hard work. Not only is it difficult to sustain a relationship for long these days, it also is a bigger task to have a healthy and balance relationship. Quite often, the two people in a relationship are not the same. They are born and brought up in different scenarios; they harbor different ideologies and more often than not have diametrically opposite perception about things in general. In such a case, it is imperative to maintain a balance in the relationship by ensuring that the relationship has a very strong foundation. There are certain essentials for every relationship like open communication, intimacy, trust etc. Though these words are often talked about, but understanding them is the only way towards a strong relationship with your partner.