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Communication (sex and relationships)

Our lives are defined by our relationships. The relationship that we share with our family shape up the people we become and the ones that we share with our partner define our personality in an altogether different dimension. May be the nature of the two most important relationship in one’s life may be diametrically different; there is one thing which is common for both to sustain well and that is, communication.

Communication is an indispensible but often underrated part of any personal equation. We all know it is important, but we do not give this thing the importance it deserves. Healthy communication is the foundation of any long lasting relationship. It not only increases the transparency between the people involved, it also makes way for deeper bonding and hence increased trust.

But how many of us really communicate with our loved ones? We do surely talk, but communicating is a different ball game altogether. While communicating, both the parties get a fair and equal chance to express their minds and open up with their issues. But, as it is known, communication is a skill. Not everyone can claim to be a pro at it. But, at the very same time, it is not an impossible feat to learn how to communicate.

Ways to have better communication with your partner

The very first step would be to talk to each other. People need to hear about their partner’s need because there can be no accurate guesswork when it comes to emotions. Misunderstandings, which are absolutely hazardous for any relationship, can only be cleared with communicating openly with your partner. The words that are chosen for the dialogue should be positive so they do not appear to be detrimental in any way. Words should be in complete coherence with one’s body language. It is important to maintain consistent eye contact and to lean closer to your partner to ensure that the interest in the relationship is expressed through the body language as well.

Being a good listener is as important as expressing your mind. Many a times, we have so much that we want to say and share, that we completely forget that our partner also has that need to express himself/herself with us. To avoid the communication from becoming one-sided, a genuine effort to hear out the other person is also crucial.

Freedom of expression should be exercised at the appropriate time and place. Never ever make your partner uncomfortable in a public place by getting into an argument in front of other people. This is demeaning to any relationship. Every person needs to be treated with respect and dignity and if you have an issue that you think needs to be addressed, make sure that you communicate it within the privacy of your own house. In that way, you are more likely to come up with a better solution to the problem.

Open and unabashed communication is the key to a happy relationship. Your partner should be the first person to know about the happenings of your life and how you feel about what happened. This kind of comfortable equation and trust can only be built over a period of time through clear, respectful and honest communication practices.

Communicating about Sex

Sex can be intimidating. Whether it is somebody’s first time, or whether someone has been in a relationship for a while, communicating openly about sexual issues can be a tricky task for many couples. However awkward the conversation might be, it is important for sexual partners to communicate their needs and demands openly to one another.

The quality of sexual relationships can greatly improve if the two people in it can freely discuss various aspects of it. For those who are having intercourse for the first time, it would be a good idea to discuss the concerns and probable fears with each other and instead of rushing into things both should ease into the entire situation gradually.

People can have better sex by not just focusing on their own pleasure but also listening and understanding their partner’s desire for pleasure. At the same time, if one of the partners is not comfortable with something, he/she should be comfortable to express the issue respectfully. It is always a good idea to extend requests to each other. A very important point to remember is that no matter how intimate the relationship is, many a times, people might mistake your silence as your approval. So if you are not comfortable with something or want something else from your partner, it is always advisable to openly communicate with each other.

Healthy communication can bring about radically positive changes in relationships. It brings people closer and can eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings. Hence, it is a skill which should be practiced and mastered in order to have more intimate and long lasting relationships.