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Intimacy is both physical as well as emotional. One can get physically intimate only if the person is emotionally connected to another. Otherwise, it is very difficult to find physical intimacy. However, just loving your partner isn’t enough to find intimacy. It isn’t devoid of problems. A large number of people suffer from problems that prevent them from getting intimate with their partners. Such times are gruelling for both partners on an emotional and physical level and it is best to handle the problems together, shoulder to shoulder. With the support of your partner, any kind of problem can be fought easily including disorders related to intimacy.

Risk Factors

Numerous risk factors are involved when it comes to disorders related to intimacy. It may lead to the end of a stable relationship as well if not cured in time. Since the person cannot get intimate, there may occur conception problems as well. It is therefore best to get these problems treated as quickly as possible. There are no major risk factors as the problem can be treated easily. The only major factor that comes to mind is that if the person becomes completely impotent. However, this is a rare occurrence.


The causes of absence of intimacy during sex are more or less psychological rather than physical. The following are why one has problems with intimacy –

  • Orthodox upbringing

If a person has been brought up in a traditional setting, he or she will find it hard to come to terms with sexual intimacy. One will have to build trust with such person, talk to them, build friendship and gradually, you will find that your partner is indeed coming to terms with getting intimate. After all, intimacy isn’t physical, it is largely emotional. The physical aspect is an add-on.

  • Absence of emotional intimacy

Sexual intimacy occurs when there is intimacy at emotional and intellectual levels. Otherwise, finding intimacy is impossible. Hence, if intimacy on these levels is absent from one of the partners, then there is going to be a lack in sexual intimacy which is going to be hard to recover. Therefore, it is a good idea to get to know each other better and spend time together to reach the point of sexual intimacy. It is more enjoyable after all these moments and one doesn’t really need to visit a physician or a psychiatrist if you can work towards each other.

  • Lifelong diseases

If you have diseases such as thyroid, cancer, backache, chronic disorder etc. that will last for a lifetime, then it is definitely going to affect your sex life. You will need full support from your partner during these difficult times. If he or she, isn’t supportive enough, it will automatically result in a lack of intimacy.

  • Infertility

If one of the partners wants a child, then he or she is subconsciously going to enter into a phase where lack of sexual intimacy is bound to creep in.


It is very difficult to diagnose problems related to intimacy. For, a lot of times, partners are unable to have intercourse and never think of lack of intimacy as a problem. A couple will tap into all arenas but never look into the problem of absence of intimacy. If sex starts to feel mechanical or if your partner stops to respond to your moves, you ought to look at the intimacy factor of your relationship. For, the major problem with the problem of fertility is that it hardly ever gets diagnosed. More often than not, it lies ignored on the backburner of the relationship which isn’t a healthy thing.


The most obvious and the foremost treatment of lack of intimacy is, to try and reconnect with each other on an emotional level. For, once 2 people are connected on an emotional level, it is very easy to find sexual intimacy in the relationship. However, if this doesn’t fit the scheme of things, you will either need to see a doctor or a counsellor. They can help you find the solution to your problem. This problem can be cured more with talking it out and less with medicines because it is more of an emotional problem than medical.