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Trust is very important when it comes to sex. Without trust, the sex will not come off as well. Therefore, before you go ahead and hit the bed with your partner, it is necessary to build trust with them; otherwise, you are going to have disastrous sex life which is unhealthy for both you and your partner. Among many other factors necessary for a good sex life, an important one is trust. Yes, the presence of love is necessary but just love will not do it. Trust is a necessity too and love without trust isn’t a good enough factor.


The following are the risks involved if one enters into a sexual relationship without the trust factor –

  • A compromise

It will be a mere adjustment and not a passionate and pleasurable act of love. A relationship based on a compromise will not last for a very long time and hence, it is best to put an end to things while they are still at the beginning stages. Or, the other alternative is to work towards building a relationship based on trust.

  • A disturbed relationship

This is no better than a compromise and it is best not to enter into such a relationship.


What are the issues that cause a lack of trust while having sex? This sounds offhand but there are indeed numerable issues that can lead to such thing. They are as follows –

  • Instability in a relationship

If your relationship isn’t stable and is still in the initial stages, then there is a good chance that your sexual activity will lack basic trust. It will take you time to reach the level of stability and then enter into sexual activity on the basis of trust. However, if you are unsure of things or if your relationship has gone from stable to unstable, then you will need to look at things with a different perspective.

  • Communication gap

This is a huge barrier in any kind of relationship including sexual. It is necessary to not ignore such barriers and work on them. Communication gap can be done away with effectively talking things out. Hesitancy to talk is one of the major reasons behind lack of communication and getting to know each other better is one of the best ways to overcome hesitancy.

  • Problems from the past

A person with a bad past will take a while to understand and trust his or her present partner. Patience is required in case of such person.


There is little chance that one can diagnose lack of trust. It is something that is better felt. However, a few ways in which one can diagnose lack of trust during sexual intercourse are as follows –

  • Sensing it

If you strongly sense something is wrong, then it is time to confront it rather than ignore it and let it lure in the background. Doing that isn’t going to help you a lot and hence, it is necessary to face your problems rather than running away from it.

  • Feeling a distance

If you feel distant and disconnected from your partner, then again, it is time that you thought of reconnecting with your partner and talking things out with them. Maybe do something that you haven’t done before and see how and where things go.

  • Talking

One of the best ways of figuring out the lack of trust is talking to your partner. You will know if they tell you; it is best to ask straightforward and you will gradually be able to figure it out if at all he or she is having a problem putting their trust in you.


Is there a treatment for lack of trust? Yes, there is. How does one go about curing lack of trust? The following are the ways in which lack of trust can be cured –

  • Talking

Talking isn’t only one of the ways of diagnosing the problem but is also instrumental in curing the problem. Hence, whatever the problem, talk it out and you will be amazed to see the desired results come off in a jiffy. Yes, it is that easy to cure lack of trust while indulging in sexual intercourse.