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Options after Unwanted Pregnancy

Options after unwanted pregnancy


Becoming parents can be a big decision for any couple. Parenthood is a huge responsibility and brings about a myriad number of changes in anyone’s life. In cases where a pregnancy is unplanned it can cause immense emotional upheaval and can raise a lot of questions in anyone’s mind. Unplanned pregnancies are more common than we think and the best way to deal with them is to think about the options and coming up with a solution that is the most appropriate in a particular case.

The options one has post an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can be adoption, abortion or to continue with the pregnancy. No one option can be considered to be better than the other simply because it entirely depends on the individual or the couple to take a decision which is best suited for them.


Options after an unwanted pregnancy

  1. Abortion– The medical procedure that leads to termination of a pregnancy is called abortion. Many women opt for terminating their pregnancy in case they do not want to continue with it.

There are many myths that are often associated with abortion. But medically, it is considered to be safer than child birth provided it is carried in strict accordance with the right procedures. Generally, it is considered safe to carry out an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. The doctor may prescribe abortion pills which involve three days of taking the medication or else a surgical procedure may be advised. Both the procedures are quite successful, but should be carried out under the supervision of an OB/GYN.

Many women feel relieved once they are no longer pregnant. However, many a times, women go through a spectrum of emotions ranging from guilt, fear or even shame. There is no exact way to feel about abortion. It is best to have a support network of friends and family to which a woman can talk and seek unconditional love and support.

  1. Adoption– Adoption is an option for those who do not want to terminate the pregnancy but at the same time, are not ready to take on the responsibility of impending parenthood. Adoption is a completely legal process which transfers the rights of parenting to some other couple other than the biological parents. Often in the cases where the biological parents are not financially stable, they choose to go for adoption to provide for a better future of the child. Adoption can be classified in to two categories which are open adoption and closed adoption.


Open adoption- The case of adoption where in the biological parents of the child enter into some kind of mutual agreement with the adoptive parents through which they can get limited visitation right, pictures, videos etc. of the child.


Closed adoption- This type of adoption is completely confidential and does not involve biological parents in any way whatsoever with the child or his adoptive parents once the procedure of adoption is completed. This option should be chosen keeping in mind that once all the legal formalities are completed there can be no contact with the child in the future.



Both the types of adoption cannot be considered to be complete unless they are approved in a court. Generally, some time is given to think about giving up the baby for adoption so that the decision can be well thought. But once, the procedures are completed the adoption cannot be reversed.



  1. Option to continue with the pregnancy and raise the baby– The decision about parenting is dependent on a number of factors that should be carefully evaluated before making the decision. Many people like to count in their financial status before having a child because raising a baby can be expensive. Others might consider themselves to be too young to take on the huge responsibility of raising a child.

Parenting is a very challenging task and it leads to massive shift in the priorities of the couple or the individual. One might have to give up on employment or education in order to bring up a child. Therefore, it is very important that the decision to parent should be taken with a lot of thought and analysis.



An unwanted pregnancy can trigger a whirlpool of emotions in a woman’s mind. In order to take a decision, one should keep a cool head and weigh all the options practically. It is important and advisable to seek advice from those who can give unbiased opinion on the situation. Ultimately, since unwanted pregnancy and the impending parenthood can be a huge situation to deal with, it is best to think about it as calmly as one can. However, too long time should not be taken for making the decision, because if one wants to get the pregnancy terminated it has to be done within the first trimester only.