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Vaginal Douching

Vaginal Douching


Vaginal Douching has long been used by women in order to get rid of bacteria, yeast, etc. from their vagina and thus keep it clean. Use of specially made material is required to carry out the process of douching which entails forcing prepared solution and water into the vagina in order to get it dirt and bacteria free. However, a thorough analysis of the technique and its pros and cons will go a long way in unfolding various myths concerned with the technique. Some of the myths related to vaginal douching are always doing the rounds.

The foremost purpose of using an array of solutions by women is to get their vaginas relieved from any sorts of yeasts infections. However, such a myth has been straightforwardly dispelled by one Orli Etingin, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital, who says, “”Douching may [temporarily] enhance comfort or relieve vaginal itching or other symptoms, but it cannot treat the infection.” Thus, various products containing vinegar, lemon juice or tea tree oil which claim to carry out the process of getting rid of yeasts is actually a fib.

This is the second myth which is the guiding factor for majority of women in using the technique of douching. They all believe that they are going to have a fresh vagina after using douching. However, the vagina keeps itself clean by the natural process and there is no need of using any additional material or technique for that. There are secretions produced by the vagina in its natural process of functioning which are instrumental in getting rid of any sort of menstrual blood or semen.


Various careful and thorough studies have revealed significantly that Vagina Douching is actually more detrimental to health which is in complete contrast to the claims that say that it is a tool for the cleansing of the vagina. There are some of the diseases and adverse medical conditions which may crop up after the excessive use of Vagina Douching. Some of these are:

There is a greater possibility for the women involved in too much douching that they are likely to get affected with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease due to the transfer of infections from lower genitals to the upper genitals. The ovaries, uterus and the fallopian tubes are more susceptible and prone to get affected from infections. The reproductive organs of women are bound to be affected by this transfer of infections from vagina to upper tract.

Vagina is bound to be affected by the condition of skewed natural balance of bacteria called the vaginal flora. This is because the douching has proven to disturb the balance of the bacteria in vagina which is there by natural processes. This condition is the gateway to enhanced risks like endometriosis and preterm labour.

Douching has found to cause the condition of ectopic pregnancy in which implantation of the eggs doesn’t occur naturally in uterus. Rather fallopian tubes witness their implanting. This is a serious disorder caused by the excessive use of douching. Such pregnancy complications are the aftermath of the inappropriate and imprudent douching and may prove to be sinister.


The research on cancer is always going on in various advanced laboratories in the world. This is done in order to make sure that the cancerous substances are nipped in the bud before causing any potential major damage. Similar studies have pointed out that cervical cancer has more probability of development because of douching. Even if douching is done once a week still it is a potential threat and is the major cause of cervical cancer.

Vagina is bound to get affected by the flow of various kinds of solutions which are forced into the vagina. Vagina is not at all meant to accommodate such foreign material as it works naturally on its own system of getting rid of various infections, dirt, blood, etc. There is certainly no need to treat it with douching. However, if it is done then the chances of vaginal irritation are in the air. The use of douching heralds the coming of vaginal irritation in its wake. Women using douching are witnessed to have severe detrimental consequences as their vagina gives them extreme irritation.


Thus, exercising prudence is the need of the hour. Going by the age old traditions of applying various kinds of solutions for cleansing the vagina may actually prove to be more harmful than providing any relief at all. Thus, the use of douching technique should be stopped right away.