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Vaginal Spotting



Bleeding after menopause is called Vaginal Spotting. Though a very natural process that occurs due to imbalance in the hormones of the body. Still, it is a potential sign of cervical cancer and thus its possible signs and indications cannot be neglected straightaway. There should be a growing sense of concern among the women who experience vaginal spotting on a regular basis. Consultation with the expert doctors becomes absolutely imperative in such cases.

Risk Factors

There is absolutely no need to fret and get disappointed upon experiencing vaginal spotting. However, as it can be an indication of impending growth of cancerous elements in the vagina so there is a need to grow alert as soon as the signs of spotting are seen regularly. Although spotting doesn’t always mean that one is bound to have cancer in uterus however getting a complete check up is the first step to ensure that one is safe.

The early diagnosis may be very effective in helping one get out from the clutches of cancer. One should immediately contact the doctors once this is experienced.


There are a plethora of causes which lead to vaginal spotting and they are not limited to a particular reason. Some of the causes can be:

Hormone Replacement Therapy: The foremost cause is the hormone replacement therapy. All the women who have done this can experience vaginal spotting.

Fibroids and Polyps: Fibroids and Polyps too are the potential reason for excessive bleeding. Their treatment needs immediate attention and prompt medical treatment.

Estrogen Simulation: This is the primary cause of vaginal spotting as the estrogen is very sensitive and gets simulated soon.

Thyroid Problem: This is also a potential cause of vaginal spotting and may be experienced up to different extents depending upon the age of the women.


Vaginal Spotting is a serious medical problem with a lot of lethal implications. However, the good part is that it can be taken care of and its occurrence can be prevented by following very simple and basic steps:

Avoiding leading stressful life: Stress is the cause of vaginal spotting. This has been proven clinically. Thus, one’s lifestyle should avoid stress of any kind in order to ensure that one keeps away from this dreadful condition.

Taking Proper care of Vagina: Vagina is an important organ of a woman’s body. As women are careful about their looks and external appearance, similarly they should be aware of the potential threats of not taking proper care of vagina. They must always be inclined to take good care of vagina.  Some of the things regarding taking care of vagina include:

Keeping bacterial balance under check: The presence of bacteria in the vagina is not bad at all. In fact their presence ensures the health of vagina. However, what becomes an alarming situation is the improper growth of bacteria in the vagina. This causes conditions like yeast infection, bacterial vagionosis, etc.


There are various factors which cause the disturbance to the bacteria in the vagina and thus they should be avoided:

ü  Take contraceptive pills only after consultation: Contraceptive pills have proven to indulge themselves with the proper balance of the bacteria. They affect the level of bacteria and thus pave way to diseases.

ü  Take antibiotics only when absolutely essential: Antibiotics are harmful and do not augur well for the bacterial balance. They have to be kept under check by ensuring that the antibiotics are not unnecessarily consumed.

ü  Avoid Using Scented Hygiene Products: The penchant of women to scented products can prove fatal for them as they do not prove to be good for the bacteria in vagina. They fiddle with the amount of bacteria and cause potential threat of various infections.

ü  Avoid Wearing tight underwear: This is again not good for the bacteria. As there is an enhanced amount of moisture which is a storehouse of infections. So, this practice is equally bad. Underwear should never be of synthetic. They should be of cotton and loose.

ü  Avoid Wearing Tight Jeans: Tight jeans are again not good for the body and vagina particularly. Balance of bacteria is disturbed tremendously. So, clothes should be loose and should allow passage of air, etc. Moisture should not be allowed to form.

  • Washing the Vagina Properly: The vagina should be properly washed daily with normal warm water without any scented products.
  • Keeping away from Vaginal Douching: This technique is more hazardous than beneficial and thus it should never be used.


  • Other Precautions: Other precautions for taking care of vagina include adopting safe sex and being more careful in periods.